More photos!

Click on photo for more. ;)
Also, when did it get so cold outside? And I’ve missed most of the autumn leaves changing what with the bed rest and then the baby coming, etc. We went out for a brief trip last night and yikes! It’s frickin’ cold out! I’m stuck in the middle of a whirlwind.
I tried out the swing. She loved it and fell asleep immediately. Now she’s strapped into the Baby Bjorn, radiating a TON of heat while I type this. Still fast asleep. I must have tired her out with the easy nursing access last night. She had three consecutive explosive farting/poop sessions this morning so she must have filled up last night while I snoozed. Also? If she’s crying on the changing table and then suddenly becomes silent? It means she’s going to start peeing everywhere.

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7 Responses to More photos!

  1. iheartnewyork says:

    OMG, she’s such a cutie. What a pudgie face. Reminds me of someone else as a baby… can’t quite place it… ;) Isabel says, “Hi Baby Sophie! Goo goo ga ga.”

  2. estella says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! She’s SO adorable!!!

  3. Mary says:

    She is soooo adorable. Can’t decide who she looks like, can see you both in her. Congratulations!

  4. Julie says:

    I’m so glad that everything is going so well. You sound great, and it seems like you’ve got a wonderful support system.

  5. daniela says:

    Hi Erika,
    She is soooooo beautiful!!! I just want to go there and kiss her cheeks. You know how you are not supposed to kiss their cheeks because they get baby acne? I think she’s going to be like my nieces…leave through baby acne with pride because we couldn’t stop giving them beijos.

  6. Chris says:

    Love the shirt ;-)

  7. Ha! Glad to know that you’re learning her “warning signals” before peeing on you! :)