Care Bears?

We saw a commercial for new Care Bears. That do aerobics. And sing. Pretty creepy. And then, they start singing “Let’s Get Physical” by Olivia Newton John! Um, that song isn’t about working out in the traditional sense. Expect those toys to be pulled from the shelves. Not very good research on their parts. The “cute” little dancing Care Bears want to have sex with your children! Maybe they’ll become collector’s items.
In other news, we had a very uneventful weekend. My hubby was invited to an anniversary party for the gaming company at which he worked this summer. The game he was working on was for the Playboy company. So, Playboy sent a Playmate to the party! And all the gaming geeks were trying to catch glimpses of her as they were melting themselves into the background. She was nice. And it must have been tough for her to be surrounded by all these awkward men. She was dressed in a very pretty black dress and heels. Now, you have to understand Northampton. Not so much with the hair highlights and the cleavage. So it was pretty easy to tell which one she was. My hubs was convinced I wouldn’t be able to tell who she was at the party. I think it was about 5 seconds after we got there that I pointed her out to him. Men.
Other than that party, it was a very subdued weekend. I think we are gearing ourselves up for the big move. And the week in California for Thanksgiving. And Christmas. This was our last weekend to just hang around. I did make a yummy carmelized onion pizza and an olive/sundried tomato calzone with the extra pizza dough I had frozen. I also made my boss a bittersweet chocolate torte with white chocolate ganache. He’s going to be in today and I thought it would be a nice treat for him. He lost about 20 pounds from chemo and he really didn’t have that much to lose. So, the sooner he gets his strength back, the sooner he can come back to work. Yes, and it’s a bit of brown-nosing.
I keep forgetting to put my little tooth in my mouth when I’m talking to people. And I have a tendency to smile and laugh. So I’ve been catching people off guard. And then they pretend not to have noticed the gaping hole in the front of my mouth. So far, people have been very polite. The surgeon only wants me to wear it when absolutely necessary. Don’t wear it to eat, don’t wear it to bed, etc. The main reason is because it hits against the stitches at the base of the gum. And when I chew, it really hits against them. Plus, I know I grind my teeth at night. I have it in a little yellow container on my desk right now. I can usually hear when someone is approaching my cubicle, and I quickly open the box and shove it in place. I’m sure I’m less sneaky than I think.

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One Response to Care Bears?

  1. styro says:

    Yeah i used to have a fake tooth on a retainer but i was supposed to wear mine ALL the time (except when eating, because eww, food + retainer = grody) and it was SO lame. It was uncomfortable and bulky and one day I accidentally threw it out with my lunch tray at the supermarket cafeteria. OOPS. Thankfully he made my bridge pretty quickly so the humiliation and misery didn’t last long. I wish for a speedy recovery for your toofesses!