We got up early this morning to get to the polls before the crouds crowds (thanks, Styro) (hopefully). And I’m going to talk to as many people at work today about voting. So – VOTE!!! It’s a very important election and every vote counts.
UPDATE: and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for 4 years for this day.
In other news, I’m coming down with a cold. Three weekends at my sister’s house finally got me. Those kids are little germ carriers. Oh well. Everyone else around me has been sick, I guess it’s my turn.
I’ll post Halloween photos shortly – I was Medusa and my hubby was Zeus.

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3 Responses to Vote!

  1. Ok, well said!!
    I’m on my way to vote now…

  2. styro says:

    The crouds? You mean the croWds? or the cLouds? :)
    GO KERRY GO! :)

  3. iheartnewyork says:

    Vote, vote, vote, vote, vote!!!! :)
    Yep, Isabel, Matt and I cast our vote for Kerry at 8:15 this morning. And both kids wore red, white and blue to school.
    Sorry you’re sick — it was bound to happen.