Olivia – 18 months!

Wow, what an amazing 6 months you’ve had, my little Loo.

You are jibber-jabbering up a storm now! The last time I counted, you had about 75 words in your vocabulary. You are regularly putting words together into mini sentences, too. “Bye bye, Dada!”, “No, mine!”, “I, too!” are heard regularly.

It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, if you see we’re talking to Sophie or giving her anything, you’ll come stomping up: “I, too!”. It’s gotten pretty funny at this point. Maybe I should try this to get you to take your medicine.

You try so hard to run, but it is still a crazy, hopping, wobbly bit of happy chaos. I spend a lot of time cringing when you decide you’re going to go somewhere fast. You LOVE to stand at one end of a room and count out: “Un! Two! Un! Go!” and then take off “running” to the other side of the room.

“Mine!” is also a favorite word. If I want you to go to Daddy because I need to do something else, and you are clinging to me? Sometimes I can say: “My Daddy!” and then you’ll run over to him and cling to him and say: “My Dada!”

You also have a very clever sense of humor. And you get my sense of humor, which is a lot of fun. Fun that you get it, I mean. I’ll hold your shoes and ask: “Do these go on my head?” and you’ll laugh and say “noooo!” in a funny voice. It’s a game that gets a lot of play.

You are a joy. You wake up ecstatic. You smile at everyone. You laugh ALL the time. You love being tickled and hiding and having us find you. You LOVE Sophie and you are now calling her “Dodo!” First thing in the morning, you want to go to Sophie’s room. “‘Allo, Dodo!” with a huge grin on your face. It’s contagious.

You two battle in the car, I’m not going to lie. Especially when you’re both tired. Your seats are probably too close together at the moment and you’ve figured out that you can fling your foot over the side to touch Sophie. And that, reliably, she’ll scream “Livvie!” and you cackle with joy that she’s looking at you. It’s very annoying, but also fun to hear because it sounds like family to me. You’ll also fling food and water at her and bite her fingers (her fault, honestly, for putting them near your Honey Badger mouth).

We had swimming lessons this summer – you and me in the parent/child class and then Sophie in the next age group up. The pool was always cold and it was close to your naptime and you just barely tolerated it. And then as soon as you got out, you’d keep saying “wawa!” and want to get back in. Crazy kid. You LOVE splashing in the water in the bath and in the kiddie pool in our backyard.

You are a joy, a sprite, a trouble-maker, a destructor-monkey, a Honey Badger, and a giggle-fuss. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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