Olivia – 7 Months!

Seven months! Where is the time going?
I’m starting to get repetitive here, but seriously, my little Loo, you sparkle. Smiles that light rooms and a cheery good nature that could melt anyone’s grumpiest mood. How anyone could resist you is beyond me.
This has been a big month for you and for all of us. The Summer-with-Daddy has ended and everyone’s off to their separate corners of life. Daddy’s back teaching and studying, Sophie started kindergarten at her new school, and you started daycare. You’re with the same woman Sophie shared her time with when she was younger. It’s been a hard transition for you. The first short week had lots of bouts of crying and not eating and being sad. She said you’d be playing quietly and then just start crying, like you suddenly realized where you were. You’re also not taking the bottle while you’re there and that’s frustrating for everyone. We’ve given instructions to give mashed bananas mixed with breast milk and/or apple sauce to tide you over and that works, to a point. You’re voracious when you get home. And you’ve been nursing all night long. While I love that you’re saving yourself up for me, it’s also starting to get exhausting. I’m hoping that this is just a phase (this too shall pass, this too shall pass), and I’m willing to help you out as long as you continue to snuggle and smile and babble at me. If only I could bottle up some of your happy and rub it on the bags under my eyes…
Last week was better and they actually saw you smile a bunch and they got you giggling, so we hope you’re getting used to things. There are two other little girls under the age of one and one tiny boy under the age of two. It will be interesting to see how you all grow up together.
There is a lot of chatter. Playing around with lots of new noises and babbling and squealing. Beebling, as Daddy calls it. And a new one that sounds a bit like…well, it’s hard to describe. Like you found something amusing and you’re making amusement noises…I’ll have to figure out how to describe it better. Anyhoo, it makes us laugh as does most things about you.
So much activity! Rolling and wiggling and sitting up really well. Grabbing at EVERYTHING – we have another octopus on our hands. Bouncing and reaching. Everything is incredible interesting and if only I could just hold it in my hands and CHEW on it, life would be even better. We’ve removed the bars from the gym because all you want to do is sit up and reach for things. You’ll do a full split reaching for something in front of you. It’s amazing. Your balance improves by miles every day. And you’ve recently started to realize the fun of wrestling with Daddy and Sophie before bedtime.
Speaking of chewing and gnawing (gnarring, as we call it) and, oh, the drooling: there are now TWO teeth poking through! The first one we discovered just this Sunday morning and then later you smiled at me from the stroller and I saw the second one. Nicely done, Bean!
Until I get photos off the camera, here is a recent video in which you crack yourself up. Blocks are so incredibly funny, apparently, that you just cannot catch your breath. Also, it may sound like you are crying at first, but no, you are just a chuckler.

One of my friends made a comment about her daughter making sunshine redundant. The same exact statement could be made about you.
We love you, Toodles.
Toots, Poodle, Toodles, Bean, The Bean, Moo, Liver-tude, Beebles, Livvy, Smoochle, Boops.

And, because I seem to only be updating once a month, here’s what’s happening in family news:
As mentioned earlier, Sophie started kindergarten at her new school. It is a private school, so they were willing to let her in before her fifth birthday. She is LOVING it. Great environment, very supportive; she is flourishing. Her class is called Primes and it is made up of kindergarten and first-graders. Lots of cooperative activities and exploring. It reminds me of “Sid the Science Kid” a bit. With a Montessori vibe.
We also adopted a new kitty. Or, rather, he adopted us. Karl Friedrich Cupcake Flower Blossom Houdini Barth Vader.
Houdini because he keeps escaping his collar. Barth (how Sophie pronounces Barf because she thinks it ends in “th”) Vader because he barfed in Sophie’s room this morning.
He’s a very sweet little guy and so incredibly unplussed by both Sophie carrying him around everywhere and you grabbing onto him when he gets too close. He loves to hang out with Sophie and follows her everywhere; sleeping on her bed at night and waking her up way too early by licking her face and hair.
I realized I should add something about me, too. I’ve been following the Primal Blueprint since the end of June and I feel fantastic. I’m now about 10 pounds lighter than I was before I became pregnant. With either of you girls. It’s definitely something with which I’m going to stick. I’m also feeling much stronger. I can do 10 really solid push-ups when I used to maybe be able to do 3 if I pushed through the pain and trembling. And I can do lots and lots of squats. Love them, actually. I’m working on getting to where I can do a handstand push-up. Still working on that, though.
Daddy is still studying judo and jiu jitsu. He’s in really good shape. He’s convinced he needs to be ready for when you two are older and start dating.
It’s been a month of transitions and everyone seems to be making it through okay.

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