Veronica Mars

I was so happy that Veronica Mars was back on last night. As much as I used to like Veronica and Logan together, I just didn’t understand why she went back to him last night. The chemistry just isn’t there for me anymore. And look at cute Piz! She broke his heart.
I loved Mac and Bronson, too. He was so excited to see her and she was adorable.
Too funny with Dick taking Polaroids of his balls and throwing them over the balcony. I’m glad Aaron didn’t see that and that we don’t have a Polaroid camera. Because [N] – you know you’d be receiving those. It’d be like a long-distance tea bagging.
“Monkey? As in…”
“Spank my…?”
The writing on this show is so good and it seems even better after watching Gilmore Girls. I’m not sure why I keep watching that show. I like Lauren Graham and that is about it. Luke looks like shit, Rory is still annoying, April is annoying, Lane and her doofus husband don’t make sense to me, I don’t like Christopher very much. Thank goodness there was no Babette and her squawking. Plus, it’s exhausting to watch with all the “witty” banter. Just slow down and stop TALKING. Ugh. This has to be the last year for that show.

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5 Responses to Veronica Mars

  1. jenB says:

    I still love Veronica and Logan. OR maybe it is just my old lady lust for Logan.

  2. Amanda says:

    Gilmore Girls really has completely disintegrated. The most annoying part about last night’s episode for me was Lane’s ridiculous fake stomach. It was bulging in all the wrong places, and seemed to have no relation to her actual body. It’s like they weren’t trying. They might as well have just duct taped a couch pillow to her over the shirt and ditched all pretenses. And the best part of Heroes? Obviously GG’s Jesse coming back as a sexy Peter, all crazed and powerful. I thought he would have dropped off the face of the planet after Gilmore Girls wrote him out. But I guess Heroes is so good that even a GG castoff and a Noxema girl can make good.

  3. erika says:

    I’ll always like Logan – I just don’t think he and Veronica should be together any more. She’s moved on. And Piz is so cute! And he seems sweet. Maybe that is why she overlooks Piz. Although if Logan and Veronica aren’t together – will he still be on the show as much?
    Very true on both points: about Claire – I like her on Heroes (was she a Noxema girl before Heroes?) and about Jesse/Peter. I just wish he would cut his hair. I liked him on GG and now he’s great on Heroes as the tormented Hero.
    Lane’s stomach WAS ridiculous! The original writers are gone and the new ones have given up. I agree.

  4. [N] says:

    Long distance Tea Bagging… thats the best idea i’ve heard in a long time!!!

  5. erika says:

    Oh, it’s ON!