Another great episode!
So, Eden is a mole and now she’s going after Isaac. Speaking of which, did the creepy dad tell her to bring the “pre-cog”? What term did he use? I missed it. I think I’ll re-watch the episode online.
Is Niki dead? Her eyes were still open, so it’s hard to tell. I was wondering if DL could put himself through people and then, wham!, into her chest. From the previews of next week, it does look like their little son has some kind of power, too. Also, when Isaac was rubbing the paint off her portrait and there was the “F” tattoo – does she actually have that tattoo? I haven’t seen it on her.
Now the creepy dad knows that the other heroes are banding together to save the cheerleader. What is he going to do to her?
DL is definitely not the same guy as the mind-eraser dude.
I loved how Hiro was all excited about his future self carrying a sword. He’s the best character on television right now.
What else?

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5 Responses to Heroes

  1. JJ says:

    Yes, he did say ‘pre-cog’.
    Niki had that tattoo in a previous episode, but I don’t know whether it comes and goes depending on whether she’s evil. I also wonder whether she’s dead.

  2. iheartnewyork says:

    Yep, “pre-cog.” Niki seems to only have that tattoo (or they only show it) when she’s evil Niki. We don’t think she’s dead. I loved Hiro’s reaction too — so funny! So do you think Claire realized that her creepy dad found fake birth parents to appease her?

  3. [N] says:

    Mole’ Mole’ Mole’! I knew it!
    I don’t think Claire realizes she was set up, i just think she is all curious about her childhood illness. I bet she somehow tries to research the illness on her own and in the process she will uncover that these were not her real parents.
    Is the pre-cog the painter?

  4. iheartnewyork says:

    Right, the pre-cog is Isaac the painter.

  5. Scott-san says:

    All I know is I had DVR’d the episode and it was ticking down to the final minute (on my DVR’d portion), but the show still (obviously) had more than a minute left. And then I hit the end of the 1-hour block and didn’t get to see the cliffhanger. I watched the two-minute thing on NBC.com, so I think I’m up to speed.
    Niki CANNOT be dead. No chance in Hell.