Happy Halloween!

Here’s the best photo I have of Sophie’s costume so far:
In other news, the “pink eye” looks much better. You wouldn’t even know at this point. Except for the goopy ointment.
Aaron and I tag-teamed the day yesterday because we had to keep her home from daycare. I left work around noon to take over so that he could go to school. At one point, we were in her room and I had to go the bathroom. I closed the gate behind me and did my thing. And she didn’t complain at all. I could hear her in there talking to herself and giggling a little. Excellent! I’ll check email! And she continued to play by herself until I decided maybe I should go check on her as she’s entertaining herself almost too well. I found her sitting in front of her mirror with a green (washable, non-toxic) crayon in her mouth! That she had smeared all over her face! And her hands! She had been having a grand old time.
I feel worse about the fact that I did not take any photos.

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