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This must be from The Onion, right?

Nope. Okay…then the person responsible for approving this must be going to hell, right? right? If you live near the Great Lakes, you may want to avoid swimming in them until at least 2012. A BP refinery in Indiana will … Continue reading

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Bical Gripper Water Shoes

Oooh! I love these Bical Gripper Water Shoes (scroll down past the sandals) so much! I love these cute pink skully ones, these high tops are fun, and these Mary Janes are wonderful. Pink caterpillars! The sizing on them is … Continue reading

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Stop! Linker Time.

Utterly fantastic squirrel tray. (via the Scoop) Very cool DIY Captain’s Bed using an IKEA LACK shelf. Gigantic Cupcake Mold! Towel patchwork quilt – via not martha Glow-in-the-dark cross stitch! – also via not martha How to make Limoncello via … Continue reading

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Wishing it was the weekend

I got spammed up the wazoo yesterday by someone promoting something that rhymes with dilf horn. Yoinks! Thanks to Shan for the head’s up. I keep meaning to upgrade my MovableType software but it involves backups and file transfers and … Continue reading

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Daddy! Don’t get us!

One of Sophie’s favorite games of all time is to play “Daddy! Don’t get us!!!” I pick her up and she hugs me tight and then we run around the downstairs while Aaron chases us. She especially likes when we … Continue reading

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21 Months!

Another big month with lots of talking and imaginative games. We are trying to not let the stress of the house buying/moving effect her. Too much. She is so much fun to be around. Very funny sense of humor and … Continue reading

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Blog Me

I won’t be going to BlogHer this year but I thought I’d join in the fun. Ten second introduction to me: Greetings! I live in Western Massachusetts with my ex-Navy (submariner) husband, Aaron, and our whirling dervish of a toddler … Continue reading

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Antagonistic Foot

Oh man. This video had me crying with laughter. Stupid dog. via iamnot Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

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I think I would die. A doctor found five bot fly larvae living on Dallas’ head, near the top of his skull that after a few weeks after a mosquito apparently placed them there, had become active. “I’d put my … Continue reading

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Mmmm, Bazaar

I finally opened an Etsy shop of my own. Right now there are lovely necklaces and soon there will be other hand-crafted goodies. I will also post any new listings on my other site: Mmmm, Bazaar. Bookmark on Delicious Digg … Continue reading

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