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Dancing Queen

Not quite sure what she’s doing with her arm in this video. But here’s Sophie dancing to Bob Marley (mix CD from The Other Sophie). I just know this dance is going to sweep the nation. She’s a trend-setter. Bookmark … Continue reading

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First Sentence!

Apparently Sophie, at daycare yesterday, put together her first sentence: “Sshh, Emmy seepen.” (Shh, Emily sleeping) Does it count if we weren’t there? Then this morning, we were watching a video of Sophie’s cousin and it ended and Aaron and … Continue reading

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I finally got Aaron to watch an episode and found myself trying to explain each of the characters when they came on screen. Mind reader, Haitian: memory eraser, invincible, absorbs powers, invisible, space/time dude, psychic, evil, scientist… George Takai! Is … Continue reading

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Heroes Obsession

For the Heroes-obsessed fan. By one. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

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Baby! Snow! Photos!

Except the photos are coming later. We went to see our new nephew on Saturday. And brought goodies and coffee and pizza in addition to hugs and a camera. The camera’s batteries died soon after our arrival and I forgot … Continue reading

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Alternative Toy Boxes

My very fabulous aunt works with villages and groups in Africa to help them become self-sufficient*. She recently helped coordinate selling very cool Iringa baskets between Target’s Global Bazaar and a group in Tanzania. UPDATE from my aunt: note the … Continue reading

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Veronica Mars

I was so happy that Veronica Mars was back on last night. As much as I used to like Veronica and Logan together, I just didn’t understand why she went back to him last night. The chemistry just isn’t there … Continue reading

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Heroes, finally

Okay, I watched it through this morning. What is with the cockroach in Sylar’s cell? It sort of looks like he’s communicating with it. I love Hiro. I loved how he was watching the dinosaur video and he told the … Continue reading

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Heroes, missing minutes

Well, I missed more than half the episode tonight. Sophie was inconsolable at one point and I wasn’t about to let her sit there and scream just so I could see if Hiro stole the sword. Thank gawd for the … Continue reading

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15 Months!

We’re home today because Sophie had her 15-month appointment and we’ve discovered that she has two ear infections. In addition to the pink eye she developed on Saturday. In addition to the bad cold and coughing she’s had since Friday … Continue reading

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