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Sophie Saturday!

After much teasing, I present the Great Finger Beebler: That smile on Aaron’s face when she starts beebling is the very essence of love. You can almost feel his heart expanding. And just to prove, for all time, that she … Continue reading

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Today I have 3 meetings that are going to drain me of all my energy but I don’t care because the weekend is peeking its big, sunny head over the horizon. Photos and videos tomorrow of The Great Beebler. Bookmark … Continue reading

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For my coworker who has mentioned to me twice that I need to write something today even though I KNOW she has a lot of work to do, including a couple of projects with my name on them. Let’s see… … Continue reading

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6 Month Pediatrician Appointment

As the title states, today was Sophie’s 6 month appointment. The doctor said she is “excellent”. For those keeping track, she is 27″ long (do we say ‘tall’ at this point?) and 18 pounds 5 oz. 95th and 90th percentiles. … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. President

What better way to celebrate Sophie’s 1/2 year birthday than to play a video of Pink performing “Dear Mr. President“. I love Pink. The woman can sing and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. I’m going to buy her … Continue reading

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Six Months!

Sophie, my beautiful wiggly girl, you turned 6 months today. Where did the time go? On Thursday night, you slept from 8pm to 5am – causing panic in your father and I when we woke up and realized the time. … Continue reading

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To hold you over

Today is not only Sophie Saturday but also the day that Sophie turns 6 months! Happy 1/2 Birthday! We are heading out shortly so I will have photos and more later. As the title says, to hold you over, here … Continue reading

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Milestone? Reached.

Sophie slept through the night last night. She went down around 8pm and then this morning I was awoken by Aaron sitting up and saying: “HolyShitIt’sFiveWhere’sTheBaby?!” (Not how you want to be waken up, by the way). So I ran … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

I’m playing around with categorizing my posts, so if things go all funky and broken, that is why. In other news, I have a raging headache and it is making me nauseous. I’ve been drinking water, eating, not stressing but … Continue reading

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Online Shopping

Here’s a tip: when you are going to shop online, go to first. They have an enormous list of online shopping sites and the coupon/promotional codes that are currently valid for that store. I just saved $8 on an … Continue reading

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