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This is just amazingly awful. Vultures. “Many villagers on the devastated west coast of Thailand lost almost everything in the Dec. 26 tsunami. Now, they may lose their land, too. Large investors are laying claim to prime beach front property … Continue reading

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Tonight on “America’s Next Top Model” – flesh-eating bacteria!!! Now that’s good television. Watch the other models recoil in horror and nausea at the prospect of catching this highly contagious disease from the stricken model. In other news – I’ve … Continue reading

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Ruh Roh

It may be too soon to tell yet, but I think I’m getting sick. I have a strange headache and I’m freezing and yet my forehead is quite toasty. Those little kids get me every time! It’s a good thing … Continue reading

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A Case of the Mondays

It is raining and gray outside. On a positive note, most of the snow is gone and hopefully the rain means that it is actually Spring. We had a great time at my sister’s house with her lovely family. Because … Continue reading

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So, we ended up getting about 6 inches of very heavy, sticky snow. The hubs was none too happy to have to get up and use the snow blower. And we argued about me shoveling the front walk: “I’m not … Continue reading

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Cookie Update

Apparently I need to post photos of the amazing black & white cookies for all the people without access to fabulous New York sisters. ;) I’ll do that tonight once I get home. UPDATE: Cookie photos from mia. After a … Continue reading

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The Black & White Cookie

My sister is the coolest sister in the whole world. You should all be jealous. I mentioned to her that I had been craving black & white cookies and that I had tried to find them in the local bakeries … Continue reading

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Thanks so much, dayment, for the interim baby name. We had our first OB appointment last Monday and even though the midwife said that we probably wouldn’t hear the heartbeat because our little babycakes was about the size of a … Continue reading

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So, let’s go through the list: Constipation? Check. Exhaustion? Check. Bigger boobs? Check. Aversion to former favorite foods? Check. Weird cravings for other foods? Check. It appears we have an announcement to make. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend … Continue reading

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Tonight is stamp night. It is my turn to do an example that the ladies can make. And since Easter is a week away – I did a little pink easter basket-thingy. Very pink and very girly. They are oohing … Continue reading

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